Traveling on a study abroad adventure to Australia this past summer was the best time of my life. Bungee jumping, surf camp, diving on the Great Barrier Reef, camping on our own island, and whale watching were some of the fondest adventures I have had to date. However, the experience was worth so much more than the day trips or guided tours. The people were what really made my experience so memorable. The Aussie leaders were so warm and welcoming throughout the trip, and gave us all so many great tips on life and happiness. One tip of advice has been specifically on my mind as I return back to College this fall.

Kimberly, a 28 year old Aussie from the Sunshine Coast was one of our senior leaders on the program. One early morning in the van, we were discussing her life, and how she had developed the courage to make bold moves. Kimberly had sailed around the world, traveled to so many different countries, and was able to have so many authentic experiences. She lived courageously, with a risk-taking mentality. And most impressively, she did not seek approval from others for her happiness.

As we were discussing her journey throughout her 20’s, she gave me some advice that really resonated with me. Kim suggested asking yourself 3 questions every once in awhile to take an inventory of how you are doing, and the direction you are headed. Here are the 3 questions she asks herself:

1. Do I like where I am?

2. Do I like what I am doing?

3. Do I like who I am with?

Kim said that if you answer “no” to more than 1 of these questions, than it is time to make a change. I think I remembered this advice so clearly because these questions are simplistic, but so very important to keep in mind when presented with challenging daily/life decisions.