Bear Creek Overlook Trail

This past Saturday morning, Tian and I adventured out to Victor, Montana for a sunrise hike to the so-called destination given the name “Yosemite of Montana” by locals. The very early 4 AM start was a bit shocking, but the hour and 15 minute drive from Missoula captivated our attention as we were able to see plenty of wildlife including elk, raccoons, badgers, and hawks during our drive up the winding mountain road to the trailhead.

We arrived earlier than expected to the trailhead, and we decided to wait it out a bit and allow the sun to lighten the sky before we took off. The hike itself was really quite manageable, and after a quick accidental 2.5 mile hike in the wrong direction, we felt adequately warmed up and ready to start the actual hike after the sun had already risen. Whoops! haha But it was awesome to see the Northern part of the Bitterroot Valley!

After gradual switchbacks for a few miles, we reached the rocky top of the overlook trail that revealed 360 degree sweeping views of granite, larch, and pine mountain sides. The outlook towers thousands of feet above the Bitterroot Valley below! There was an amazing waterfall and raging stream below which was cool to see from way up. Absolutely stunning and nerve wracking the closer we got to the edge. Tian and I made hot cocoa with my jet boil and had donuts at the top in celebration of our early morning adventure.

It seems like every time I complete a hike in Montana, it becomes my new favorite. But I must say, this one takes a higher standing in my opinon than the comparable summit hike up Ch-paa-qn. I liked this hike better because it offered summit views with minimal effort, and is attainable and manageable for all levels of fitness-especailly if you aren’t directionally challenged haha

Here is a link that gave us the best directions:

A few quick photos from the morning: